La Llama Place – Latin American Folkart | Over 45 years in business | Located in Yellow Springs, Ohio

About Us

About Us

La Llama Place is a family owned and operated retail business which started in the late 1960’s. The idea began during trips taken to the United States by Señor Clemente and Maria Revilla from Peru. Señor Revilla and his wife visited Ohio on a regular basis. While visiting their family they decided it would be a great idea to start importing Peruvian folk art and selling them at local/state fairs and festivals. The beautiful handicraft items that Peru had to offer were unknown to many people in the Midwest USA area in the 1960’s. The demand for the unique items at the fairs and festivals was so high that the family decided to open a retail store location. The first La Llama Place store was opened in the early 1970’s at Franklin Square (Franklin, Ohio). After several years, the Franklin Square location was closed and in the mid 80’s La Llama Place moved to Yellow Springs. As of today, La Llama Place retail store is still located in downtown Yellow Springs, Ohio.

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